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This page is under development more or less continually based on your feedback and input!
But really there isn't a lot to the web site/application
And what there is I really think is self-evident and obvious.
But if you've read this far, perhaps you have something specific in mind
if so I would really appreciate you telling me about it.
Just click here to email me Aerodites webmaster (aka Alec)
If you just browsed here to see what's what, you can still send me your comments if you like.
It'll be appreciated!

Important Note About Passwords

An important note about passwords: Internally, passwords are stored in an encrypted format, so you make your password, for example 1234,(please don't ever do that though!) and the software creates what is called a 'oneway hash' of your password of 60 or so characters (a "hash" is basically an ecrypted version of some text) and that is what is stored in the database

Now when you see your Profile using the menu item Member -> Edit my Profile, in the Password field you'll see this long 60 character version
of your password. That's because being a 'oneway' hash it simply can't be reversed back into the original password you entered.

As a point of interest, that's what the U.S. government accuses Julian Assange of attempting to assist soldier Spc.Manning to do:i.e. to reverse a hash of a password, and get back the unencrypted original password (which just plain can't be done). Assange was and is very technically expert and without doubt would have known this, btw. So... draw your own conclusions

Now to get back to the point, do not let your system store this encrypted version as your password,as it will not work in place of your original password!

If you want to reset your password, just enter the new password in this field and click Update Password box at the bottom,and the sytem will encrypt your new entry and all will be well. (of course you must be logged in to do that, so... )

In the end, if you get caught up in 'password hell ' contact me and I'll fix it for you.

A Note About Entering Text

If you are about to enter some text in an HTML construct known as a text area, on the Request a Role page carefully note the following:

A text area does not preserve any formatting (including "carriage returns" -- ie what happens when you press the Enter key) A solution to this is to use the HTML 'pre' tag. A "tag" is something that tells a browser how to display text. the pre tag tells the brower to keep any formatting.

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